“… Fin’Amor is a medieval expression used by 12th and 13th-century troubadours and declares the Ideal, the Perfect Love. This concept means a constant desire and search for the Absolute, something by definition utopian … ”

“… The memory of the Earth, the scent of the ceremony, the trace of breath …”

Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki bring to us the pulse of the Earth in a different concert with many rhythms and sound landscapes.

Songs from around the world (Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Palestine, Spain, France,…) from the 13th to the 20th century. A concert for percussion and voice, open to improvisation.

Note: Fin’amor will soon be re-released in 2019 in a new mixing and mastering


Lamia Bedioui: Song and Storytelling

Solis Barki: Frame drums, Darbuka, Talking drums, Didgeridoo, Berimbau, Cymbals, Tabor, Bongos, Castanets, Oral Harps, Wood block, Glockenspiel, Kazoo, Plastic pipe …

Lamia Bèdioui was born in Tunisia where she studied economics at the University of Tunis (Master). At the same time she got involved with singing.

She participated in a chorus of classical Tunisian songs. She studied music and singing, first at the Tunis School of Music and then at the National Conservatory of Athens. She has been living in Greece since 1992. From 2002 to 2010 she participated in Spyros Sakka’s Vocal Art Workshop.

She has attended seminars and workshops on expressive arts, such as phonology, kinesiology, narrative art. In 2013 she graduated from the School of Narrative Art at the Center for the Study and Propagation of Myths and Tales. The topic of her thesis was “The love stories of the Arab world”.

She is a founding member of the Institution House for Verbal art and Traditionality “Mythologio”. Her career in singing began in 1995. She performs songs from various Mediterranean traditions as well as artistic Greek and foreign songs such as the French songs.

She has collaborated with notable musicians, singers and performers in the field of Ethnic, traditional and Jazz music (Jon Balke, El Jazzeera, Leonidas Maridakis, Yiota Vei, Estudiantina Orchestra, Nikos Kypourgos, Wouter Vandenabeele and many others).

She has been working with Savina Giannatou since 1997 with performances and tours throughout Greece.

She has participated in several albums: (Songs of the Mediterranean, Terra Nostra, In Gedeonis Area, Crotala, Haris Lambrakis Band, Richa Nera, Metamorf…). In 2006 she released her debut work: “Fin’amor” in collaboration with Solly Barkis – a work based on the primitive voice relationship with percussion – which will be re-released soon in 2019, in new mixing and mastering.

In April 2015, she released her second album, “Athamra”, with songs from the Mediterranean countries. She has participated in many festivals in Greece, in international festivals abroad (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Tunisia, France, Turkey, etc.) as well as in charity events.

She has performed as a performer and singer in theatrical and choreographic performances by: Maria Panoutsou, Natasha Zouka, Marina Mergou, Silvia Macchi, Alessandra Maioletti, Hermira Goro, etc.).

Solis Barki was born in Athens. He is a musician, comedian actor and he specializes in illustration and comics. He was taught Mediterranean, Persian and African percussion from Michalis Klapakis and Lefteris Grigoriou.

He specializes in a wide variety of percussion instruments from around the world such as frame drums, udu, djembe, kanjira , dumbek, bells, singing bowls, mouth harps and other types of musical instruments such as didgeridoo and berimbau which allow him to create splendid timbres and lively images.

He has been a member of bands such as “Magico Chali”, “Theros”, “Dingo”, “LyrAvlos” and has collaborated with musicians such as Ross Daly, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Nena Venetsanou, Mimis Plessas , Nikos Xydakis, Christi Stasinopoulou, Vassilis Rakopoulos, Michalis Nikoloudis, Zohar Fresco and many others in concerts both in Greece and abroad. He has performed as a percussion performer on many record projects such as the “3G Three Generations Jazz Trio” (a trio composed by M. Plessas, V. Rakopoulos and A. Ladopoulos).

In 2006 he released the “Fin’amor” in collaboration with Lamia Bedioui – a project based on the primitive voice relationship with percussion – which will be re-released in 2019, in new mixing and mastering.

He also participates in theater and dance groups, such as the National Theater, as well as in fairy tale and storytelling performances.