” Jordan” by Anna Reynolds and Moira Buffini, directed by “Erinia” theater group and performed by Evgenia Condoe

“Jordan” is a testimony based on the true story of child killer and failed suicide Shirley Jones. Shirley was convicted for the murder of her child. In the winter of 1987 she was released under judicial supervision. On the day of her discharge she committed suicide. It is an agonizing monologue of a young, abused woman. Shirley, as a modern Medea, marginalized by her family and social environment, performs the most unholy act. Her story shocked and divided public opinion in both English and global society.

The “Erinia” team used the light, darkness and the shadows as the structural elements in directing the play, which was combined in a unique way with the photo exhibition “Casted Shadows…” hosted in the same venue.

Evgenia Contoe’s performance had the required emotional tension without any exaggeration using her body really expressive, which added points to her performance . A very realistic caption of the character’s psychic world was achieved through the choice of costume, while the makeup, with the help of the lighting, transformed the character, when required by the text, into a creature beyond this world. The actress was very accurately “choreographed” as the entire stage, where she was invited to play, was covered adequately while the ingenius use of lighting and the “shadow game” raised the performance to a higher level.

See below photos from “Jordan” hosted at ArtLand “Xwra” on July 2, 2019 as part of the Belle Arte Lamia 2019-20 and the 13th Oeta Festival.