There is no traveler returning from their destination without a souvenir. Most people take pictures, the romantic ones buy postcards, and the absend-minded forget a train ticket in their pockets. But we all feel the need to keep a souvenir. Something that will remind us that we once passed by a place and left our mark in our own way. This same inner need impeled Petros Klampanis to create his new video project entitled “Rooftop stories”. The difference is that in this case, the memories are created according to the melody each city is whispering, and in order to hear it one has to go somewhere high, where the noise is sometimes resembling a song. Double bass, loops, percussion and voice compose a sound journey to cities and favorite songs which Petros Klampanis will reintroduce to us through his own look.



Petros Klampanis grew up in Greece surrounded by the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans and studied classical music and jazz in Athens, Amsterdam and New York, before establishing himself as an emerging New Yorker-based artist where he has performed with some of the most famous jazzmen of the American city. Klampanis’ bold compositions – skillfully orchestrated by himself – unexpectedly combine all these intense influences, captivating the listener and giving a very special character to his musical creations. The “Minor Dispute” album was selected as one of the best jazz albums of 2015 by the US National Public Radio (NPR), while the release of his third album, “Chroma”, and the debute at New York-based label Motéma Music – in Greece and Cyprus is released by MINOS EMI-, in 2017 was warmly accepted by international and domestic press. In 2019 the release of his fourth album entitled “Irrationalities” is expected.