BelleArteLAmia is a, based in Lamia city (Central Greece region), non-profit institution whose main purpose is to engage with Arts and Culture, organizing contemporary art events in collaboration with a number of internationally acclaimed curators and leading artists, in order to support and promote contemporary art.
BelleArteLAmia’s actions are aiming to bring together contemporary artistic creativity as it is shaped in multicultural societies so that the city of Lamia – as well as the broader region – will become a meeting point for artists around the world, in order to create a melting pot of ideas, trends and creativity which in its complete form and over time, will be able to bring together artists, art lovers, actors, musicians, visual artists, teachers of the performing arts and people who are actively involved with Arts and Culture, making its activities a unique opportunity for artistic expression in Greece.

Communication information:
7 Antigonis st., Lamia
Tel. +302231043333

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