The video clip art by CULTradio

The point (anymore) is not that a pile of images is moving to the rhythms of sound, but that (nowadays it seems) it can also qualify as Art. Art has found many alternative outlets, and we must admit that many of the video clips that accompany the alternative sound music are well worthy of being considered a “work of art”, as its audio parts already are!

CULTradio producers present for the first time (worldwide?) at a European festival (such as the Oeta Festival) the “art” of video clip! Images that would make painters, poets, writers jealous! Movement from acknowledged choreographers! Lighting and color in a composition of images that does not lack the sense of creation! After all, isn’t that what Art is serving?

Enjoy 45 video clips created over the last three years, at a time when no one watches video clips but in which some insist on trying to “dress up” their songs with … art!


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