Photography´s black “light”

The 4th consecutive BelleArteLAmia launches the project 2019 – 2020.

The art of photography consists the key backbone of the BelleArteLAmia 2019-20 for its adulthood, as an exhibition experimenting with the demands of the era.

The Belle Arte Lamia 2019 will hostedt the photo exhibition “Casted Shadows…” artworks by Katerina Diamanti, Spyros Kamnis, Akis Loukas and Amalia Tsakiri, with the main theme being the black “light”!

After all, it’s nice to shoot in the light, but the magic hides in the dark! Tranquility, serenity, clarity, inward self, but also a sense of threat, anxiety and a kind of unrest are reflected in the photographs that can be seen from July 2 to August 28, 2019 in the photo exhibition hosted inside the stone venue of ArtLand “Xwra” in the context of the 13th Oeta Festival.

Black color has always been a source of inspiration for photographers as well as poets and musicians. Our daily bombardment with hundreds of images from the Media and social media has addicted us to a superficial viewing of images. With photographs by Katerina Diamandi, Spyros Kamnis, Akis Loukas and Amalia Tsakiri, BelleArteLamia 2019 invites us to an immersive viewing of the images, an experience of the senses and the soul.

The first step towards climbing up to 2020 is the large photo exhibition, with the open participation of hundreds of photo artists from Greece and around the world!

Photos from the Opening Night